If you looking for a job in Middle -East ( Gulf region) . Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordania, Lebanon- then here you can register in to our database.


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Do you want advice how to build yoru career? How to wriet prfessional CV? How to wriet good CV if you just finished school and dont have job experience? How to prepare for job interview? All this and much more is here.

GET A LIFE GET A JOB est un processus intensif de recherche de votre meilleur profil, basé sur vos intérêts personnels, vos traits de motivation, votre style propre, vos valeurs et vos compétences.

Veux-tu faire bonne impression lors des interviews ? Penses-tu être bien vendu par ton CV ? Dans quel métier veux-tu exercer ?


Sure you have many questions, is not easy to go to foreign country, foreign culture. so here below you will have some  common questions and answers, to help you and give you more information .


     Q: How can i apply for a Job in Middle- East through Africa Manpower?
A:  You need to register and enetr your details in to our database HERE

    Q: How long it will take to get a job , after i have registered ?
A:  It depends largely. When our recruiters see thatthere is job matching your profile, they will contatc you and will schedule personal         interview or skills testing. There is no minimum or maximum time. Some people get job in 4 weeks, for some peopel it will take over 6-8 months. So is important you have correct contact details in your application ( phone, e mail )

    Q: If i will be contacted for job interview, where will it take place?
A:  Your job interview and all process wil take place in your country , we have our recruiters in most bigger towns.

    Q: What documenst do i need?
A: When u register you dont need any documents. If you choosend for a job, you need of course a vlod passport, you need pass medical test ( HIV, HEP, TB etc )

 Q: What countries i can go to work ?

A: We recuit for Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Bahrain, Jordania, Lebanon, Oman , Yemen

    Q: Do i need pay ay money ?
A:  You need pay for your medical tests. Now depending of job position and country , you may or may not need pay for your ticket fees and administartive fees .

    Q: How much will be my salary?
A:  Salary depends again largely of the profession. Usually for No skills househelp and no skills workers its 200-300 usd , for construction workers and helpers it can be 250-400usd ( plus overtime) , for specialist with good experience and skills it can be well over 700 usd

    Q: How my salary will be paid?
A:  Your salary will be paid monthly

Q: Where i will live in the country i will go?
A: In most cases hosuing is provided by employer. Depending of your job and country teh housing is from shared housing to private housing.

Q: If i get sick, who will take care of me?
A:  Most Employers have onsite medical facilities, also you have medical coverage in case you need go hopital. Which is taken care by employer.

 Q: How long is the job contract for ?
A:  Usually it is 2 years and upwards.
  Q: Do i have any holidays? What are the working days?
A: You work 6 days a week, 8 hours a day , plus you can have Overtime , ( except houseworkers whos work schedule is different)

Q: If i want cancel my contract before the end of it can i do so ?
A: Sure you can cancel your contract , but you need pay all costs related to it, as well your return ticket . When you go to work you sign Job contract where are all the details and conditions set. Is important that you follow your terems of contarct

Q: What if my employer dont pay me salary ?
A: Your employer pays you salary every month and we work only with responsible companies who respect all contract details.

Q:How can i communicate with my family at home ?
A: You can have yoru mobile phone ,and yoru family can call you , or you can call them .