Recruitment manpower from Africa has its own challenges. Largely in most African countries there are no laws or legislation for Labor Export, the labor Export is not licensed activity therfore it creates many controversies . Recruitment activity itself can be licensed but will not cover sending workers abroad.

Many countries are lack of professional training schools , which could give good practical professional technical training, therefore many skilled workers and technicians are self learned but have no school papers.

While thre are large number of peopel who want go to work regretfully many of them have actually no practical technical skills.

Taking consideration all above , we have implemented our own evaluation system ,which is  taking consideration the actual skills of the workers as well ability to learn and moral values.

We have close to 10 years experience in recruitmenst in Africa , both for Export and for local market , from simple no skills labor ( maids, laborers), Technicians ( elctrical , mechanical  ) IT sector technicians (radio technicians, network , web, programming etc) to top managerial positions and expat recruitment.


To recruit Skilled / Semi skilled or no skills Labor – Africa Manpower can source you suitable candidates from over 10 countries  .



In Africa we have presence in the following countries : 



----From Uganada we recruit all types of workers , Servcie workers, Construction workers, laborers, housemaids
----From Mali we recruit mostly service workers and laborers
---- From benin today we recruit only some categories of service workers and helpers
---- From Togo we recruit service workers and laborers/ helpers
----From Kenya we recruit all categories of workes to all industies and sectors
----From Ghana we recruit all types of workers for all industries
----From Ivory Coast we recruit all categories of workers for all industries
---- From cameroon we recruit service workers and Construction workers
For each country there are different immigration requiremenst and to some countries travel restrictions, the information changes , so contatc us for up to date information.